No Oil And Good Scalloping, Steinhatchee Is Still Paradise

I know it’s been a while since I submitted a report. I have been busy, Thank the Lord!

So far we have been spared the oil impact. This is the busiest time of year for our community. Everyone, business or individual, are dependent on a successful scallop season, directly or indirectly.

While snorkeling with my customers and picking up our limit of scallops, enjoying crystal clear water, I could only imagine what our little piece of paradise would look like if the oil had came ashore a month ago.

At this writing the latest report is that the cap is holding. We will continue to pray it does hold, and also for the people who continue to work on the well and the folks trying clean up the mess.

Scalloping is what brings most folks to Steinhatchee in the summer. We have plenty, mainly to the north, towards Keaton Beach. The water visibility remains best in that area as well. We have had a lot of rain this year. Areas of the coast where there are many creeks dumping rain water tend to have less clear water. It doesn’t mean there are no scallops, but you need to be able to see them.

Speckled Trout fishing is most dependable on deep flats. High tide in the morning is the condition you need to catch trout shallow. Redfish can be caught in the usual places, but they don’t seem to be very aggressive. So slow down your presentation, or gulps or cutbait.

Come see us, the water is fine!
GOD Bless and Good Fishing

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

Nice Redfish
Captain Steve Going Artsy Again …
It's all smiles when the cooler is full ...
It’s all smiles when the cooler is full of Scallops
Three Nice Steinhatchee Redfish
Nice, Nice & Nice Steinhatchee Redfish

Big Bend Fishing Is Alive And Well!

Instead of “How’s the fishing?”, the first thing most people have inquired about over the last few months has been the disaster in the Gulf, and rightfully so.

It’s hard to turn on the TV or pick up a paper without being reminded of what’s going on, what’s being done about it, and of course, who’s to blame.

Meanwhile, we’ve been experiencing one of the best summer time bites in recent history.

Although the near shore (Redfish) bite has been slow due to high water temps, we’ve had no problem getting our limit of Cobia, Trout, and a variety of non-targeted species a little further out.

The outer markers of the barge canal off the Citrus County coast has produced good numbers, and is an excellent place to troll for Grouper on those hot summer days.

Scallop season is open and I’ve heard reports of good numbers off the Gomez Rocks area near Homossasa.

Yes, fishing on the Nature Coast/Big Bend region is alive and well. “Till next time, see you out there!

Remember, God Loves A Fisherman
Good Luck
Captain Nick

This Yankee Town, Florida Fishing Report is from Yankeetown Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick