Steinhatchee Fishing Report

Steinhatchee Fishing GuideHere I sit at the desk looking out the window at my pond. It’s a beautiful day, it’s an admin day, and like any other business, however small, one must do paperwork and pay bills.

Last week the Trout bite was like a summertime bite, slow on shallow flats, and slow to good on the deeper flats (6-10 feet). I don’t look for the change unless we have another front bring us a cool down. The closer to summer we get, the less impact fronts have on us. I included a picture of a customer, Carl, holding a 10 pound Jack Crevalle he caught on Trout tackle. This is what you can expect in May as I mentioned in my last report, a variety of species. You can have non stop action all day.

I also included two Trout photos, one about 8 inches and one 23 inches. I am not sure if it was the mild winter, but have caught more of these very small fish than I ever remember. And not just me, every one is experiencing this. Which brings me to a point, do everything you can to handle gently and release unharmed.

If you fish with GULPs, FEEL for your jig often, so you will detect the fish, however small, set the hook, reel them in and release. GULP is a great bait, but it kills more short Trout by gut hooking than anything else I know. I know this sounds silly to some, but concentrate during the retrieve, in the long run it will make you a better fisherman and you’ll kill less under size Trout.

Redfishing this week will be better than last, we have better tides to work with. Reds are still bunched up making them easy to miss, it also makes them more agressive. Have fun be safe.

GOD BLESS, Good Fishing and Be Safe

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee, Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

A Nice 23" Steinhatchee Speckeld Trout
A Nice 23" Steinhatchee Speckeld Trout
Many Trout Were Small On This Day
Many Trout Were Small On This Day
Nice Jack Crevalle Caught In Steinhatchee, Florida
Nice Jack Crevalle Caught In Steinhatchee, Florida

Yankeetown, Crystal River & Levy County Fishing Report

slick-charters-saltwater-glamour-shotSalt Water Fishing Report
for Crystal River, Yankeetown, Cedar key and Levy County- 12/23/08

Fished the “Progress Energy” Hot water Discharge Canal last week. Had several reports of good numbers of large Spotted Sea Trout, as well as Snook and Cobia being caught there, so I thought I’d give it a try.
Got a late start, then had to make our way through the spoil islands and skinny water in fairly heavy fog.

Finally made it over there about 10 A.M., just in time to catch the bottom of the falling tide. Typically, the best tide to fish in this area, especially for Redfish, is just before, and after the high tide…Oh well, shut-up and fish…………

Didn’t set any records, but the fish we caught were nice. Large Spotted Sea Trout, Black Drum, and Redfish, along with several Jack Cravelle’s. Not bad considering the tide.

Also, good numbers of Gag Grouper are being caught off the Citrus and Levy county coasts fairly close in.
Now is the best time of year to target them.

Speaking of “time”…
We only have a few weeks left until the new Gag Grouper reg.’s

As of Jan. 1/09, a 2 fish limit on Gag Grouper goes into effect as well as several other regulation changes.
February 1 thru March 31 the season is closed…Don’t forget to update your “Law Sticks”…
Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas..

This Crystal River, Yankeetown & Levy County Fishing Report is from Yankeetown Fishing Guide Captain Nick of Slick Charters.