Steinhatchee Fishing Report: Everything Is Good

Steinhatchee Fishing GuideThe only thing better than fishing on Monday, is fishing on Tuesday of course. Here in Steinhatchee we’ve had at least one tournament every Saturday since March. The community benefits from them, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but you do look forward to seemingly having the place to your self on weekdays.

Speckled Trout fishing has been good on shallow and deeper flats, my favorite is shallow, so I’ll start with that. Using mostly cutbait under corks, my parties and I have been able to catch limits most days. The days when we lose the breeze and therefore lose drift, we’ll move to deeper flats (6-10 feet) and have been able to find Trout there as well, slow bouncing jigs on the bottom.

Large Specks are being caught in both deep and shallow. Also the deeper flats will give you a much greater level of activity, sharks, sea bass, bluefish, ladyfish and the like, which can be important to those with shorter attention spans. The deeper flats are a great place to take the kids to get their string pulled.

Redfish are starting to show much better in the usual places, hard bottom, creek mouths and points. Jigs, spoons and cutbait will do the job here. There are still some scattered on the shallow flats as well. Tarpon and keeper size Cobia have also shown up on the flats off the Dixie and Taylor County coast.

Sure it’s hot in June, but so the fishing, come see us!


This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee, Fishing Guide & Steinhatchee Scallop Guide Captain Steve Kroll

Lots Of Spots, A June Steinhatchee Redfish
Lots Of Spots, A June Steinhatchee Redfish
More Steinhatchee Redfish
More Steinhatchee Redfish


Cobia, Tarpon And Snook Off The Levy County & Citrus County Coasts

The pelagics (migratory fish) are on the move in the Gulf of Mexico.

Over the last month or so we’ve seen several different species of fishes on their semi-annual migration. Some of the most sought after game fish in the world, i.e. Snook, Tarpon and Cobia, are being caught just off the Citrus County and Levy County Coasts. As well as the pelagics, several of our resident populations are alive and well, just waiting for the chance to inhale a bait.

Recently the Speckled Trout and Redfish bite has improved, as well as the Spanish Mackerel and Blues. Best bet for this time of year is the Grass Flats, about 5 miles north of the Withalacoochee River. Lots of Sea Trout in the Flats, and plenty of Reds in closer.

Tarpon Tip:

When fishing the Grass Flats for Trout, drag an entire Mullett around on an unattended line behind the boat. Use heavy line/leader with a 7 to 10/0 circle hook, and a small float (just enough to keep the bait up out of the grass). Great way to get yourself a ‘Silver King’.

Until next timeā€¦see you on the Gulf!
Good Luck
Captain Nick

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