The Water is Clearing Up & Change is Coming

We have 7 days of scallop season left and the water is clearing up.

By the weekend I bet the visibility will be good.
It’s still summertime fishing, however, Trout are biting.

Keep in? mind this time of year is about change, and I don’t mean politics. I mean conditions are changing, so fish will begin moving, patterns changing.?

As water cools slightly, trout will move more shallow, 10 & 12 foot flats up to 4 & 6 and less. Redfish are still scattered, but I hope to see them start grouping up towards the end of September.

Remember,”you don’t know, if you don’t go”
?A Steinhatchee, Florida fishing report from Captain Steve

Fishing report for the Yankeetown & Crystal River Area

Saltwater/Yankeetown (Nearshore)
“Fish of the Day”
On a recent trip, Rich and Bridgette Whitney, of Tampa, caught a variety of fish while fishing the grass flats and spoil islands off of Yankeetown..Species caught included Trout, Small Grouper, and Redfish, along with the typical by-catch.

Bridgette ended up the trip catching the “fish of the day”. A 24″ Red caught on a shrimp- tipped Cajun Thunder.

Salt water /Crystal River (Offshore)
How Hot is it?
Only one way to describe the water tempreture in the gulf of Mexico and that is HOT…D**n HOT.

Most of the Grouper being caught recently have been red in color andquite a way offshore. (30 to 40 miles), A reliable sourse tells me that on a recent charter out of Crystal River, 24 anglers only manage to bring home 6 or 7 keepers!
On the other hand, the nearer wrecks and reefs are still holding plenty of small gag grouper, Spanish Mackerel and the occasional Cobia.
Endeavor to persevere my friends, the “Dog days” of summer will soon be over

Captain Nick