Fishing is Getting Good in Cedar Key, Florida

Don at Cedar Key Marina says the water is a little stained but fishing is good and people had good results fishing last weekend.

The Grouper are moving in close and some are being caught insight of land.

A lot of fish are being caught on the reef and Spanish Mackerel are doing well there also.
The Red Fish are biting ?good to great? and the trout are biting well too. The Cobia are showing up and as noted in last week?s report, they are biting as well.

This Fishing Report is from Cedar Key Marina
Cedar Key Marina is Cedar Key, Florida?Full Service Marina

Cedar Key, Florida Fishing Report, “Things Are a Changin”!

Don at Cedar Key Marina says the water is cooling down and fishing is good.

The Trout are spotty but big, 20 inches and over are common when they do bite.

The Reds are biting all over and are moving on the bars and big schools of Red Fish are being seen.

The Grouper are moving in closer and are in 40-45 feet of water.

Its good fishing for Cobia is good too. One guy from Nashville came into Cedar Key Marina telling Don that the Cobia were biting like crazy.?Don thought he was full of BS (Bull Shipments) until he opened his cooler and showed Don three Cobia .

Don says all in all fishing is good and boat traffic is light but it should pick up now as that the bite has increased.

Don says “Ya’ll Come on Down to Cedar Key and Stop By His Marina and Go Fishing”.