Snook season opened Sept. 1 and closes Nov. 30. Don’t forget the required stamp and the latest slot limit, 28-33 inches. Also, scallop season closes next weekend, Sept. 10, so again, Better get-em while you can!

To be perfectly honest, we haven’t fished the Gulf of Mexico since last Friday (8-29). Fortunately we’ve been very busy fishing the Ocklawaha River for Bass this week, with excellent results, 59 Bass in 3 short trips! Gotta get them while you can!

Captain Nick

The Water is Clearing Up & Change is Coming

We have 7 days of scallop season left and the water is clearing up.

By the weekend I bet the visibility will be good.
It’s still summertime fishing, however, Trout are biting.

Keep in? mind this time of year is about change, and I don’t mean politics. I mean conditions are changing, so fish will begin moving, patterns changing.?

As water cools slightly, trout will move more shallow, 10 & 12 foot flats up to 4 & 6 and less. Redfish are still scattered, but I hope to see them start grouping up towards the end of September.

Remember,”you don’t know, if you don’t go”
?A Steinhatchee, Florida fishing report from Captain Steve