slick-charters-freshwater-glamour-shotJust about a year ago, I experienced one of those Bass fishing trips of a lifetime. Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay, the Dam that controls the Ocklawaha River water level had been opened to relieve flooded waterfront properties to our south, which in turn really freed up the Bass.

Well, we didn’t get a tropical storm… yet, but the accumulation of rainfall we’ve received of late has prompted officials to open up the floodgates and again send us some much needed water. There is no way of telling how much, or for how long, but right now the Bass fishing is excellent.

I’ve had several people inquire as to when and where the Bass fishing is best, and I told them to keep an eye on our web-site for “real time” updates. Well, the time is now, and the place is aboard the “Lucky Strike” with Capt. Nick.

Thank you Tropical Storm Fay…

Freshwater report/ OK./Silver River

Thank you T.S. Fay;
Since T.S. Fay made landfall last week, the O.K. river has been overflowing its banks for the first time in many months.Bass fishing in general had been slow for the past several weeks or so , or at least it had been in my world, and I ‘d  kinda been expecting it to improve after this new influx of water…
Well, Sunday 8/31 we fished the river and bagged 27 Bass using 3 dozen wild shinners, in 2 and1/2 hours!  5 of the 27 fish were over 6 lbs.

Silver River Snagged

The Silver River remains severely blocked due to downed tree’s and huge snags.

Contact your local Army Corps or Saint Johns Water Management office to voice your concerns.


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