20 Bass Caught and Released, What A Trip!

Slick Charters Ocala FishingThe Ocklawaha River is up! Recent rainfall, along with the Dam at Moss Bluff being temporarily open, has the water level higher than we have seen in over a year.

On our last few trips, the Largemouth Bass bite has improved. We’ve caught and released 20 Bass on a recent trip, not to mention the Pike and Gar Fish. Not bad for June.

Early Morning remains the best time of day to go and (as always) the bait of choice on the River is the wild Shiner.

Pictured below is Darren and Penelope Radel showing off a couple of nice Ocklawaha Bass.

Till next time…see you on the River!

Central Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick Bozman

This Ocklawaha Fishing Report Is From Ocala Florida Fishing Guide & Ocklawaha Fishing Guide Captain Nick Of Slick Charters

Darren R. with a fine Ocklawaha Largemouth Bass
Darren R. with a fine Ocklawaha Largemouth
Penelope R. with another nice Ocklawaha Bass
Penelope R. with another nice Ocklawaha Bass

Christmas Fishing, A Family Tradition

Northeast Florida, Ocklawaha Fishing Report
” A Family Tradition”

Spent another Christmas Day fishing.

Boy, the sacrifices we must make…Actually years ago I decided to start a new family tradition and fish on Christmas Day…. It caught on, and I’ve done my best to keep it up over the years.

This year, Mr. Snead King , one of our relatives from south Florida, came along to help keep the tradition alive. We fished the Ocklawaha River north of Gores Landing to Turkey Creek and saw only one boat. Guess everyone else must have been busy.
Caught a few Bass, and Chain Pickerel ,”Pike”, and had a great trip despite the peace and quite …
Oh yea, I almost forgot.
Another tradition I started years ago was to call my friends and relatives up north while fishing on Christmas Day and ask…what are you guys doing today?

Christmas Day Fishing Report from Central and North Florida Fishing Guide  Captain. Nic

Ocklawaha Fishing Report, BEST OFFICE IN THE WORLD!


We fished several locations of the Ocklawaha River on several different occasions throughout the past week with varying results. 
On 10/12, my client, Rick, in town from New Jersey, caught a few small Bass, several large Pike, along with a couple Garr fish and Bow-fins (Mud fish), fishing with wild shiners. Not the greatest Bass trip ever, but lots of action.  This particular trip we launched about 7 A.M., at the Ray Wayside Park just east of Ocala, and fished the middle Ocklawaha River.
On the 17th, I took a party of 3, including a 9 year old (Master John Scott), on a late afternoon trip to the same place with similar results. As usual the kid showed everyone up, when he hooked and landed several large Pike and a 7 lb. Bowfin on 10 lb. test.
Went to the office myself on the 19th, and fished the Lower Ocklawaha River just south of Moss Bluff.  Guess I should have known better! The air temp at 6 A.M. was 52 degrees, the first real cold front of the year, and the bite was OFF.
Oh well, it is still the best office in the world.

An Ocklawaha Fishing Report from Central Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick