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Big Bend Charters

Serving Steinhatchee, Florida

Phone: Toll free 877-852-FISH or Cell - 352.210-3050
Big Bend Charters
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Why Fish Steinhatchee Florida & Big Bend Charters? Hear what they are saying about us...

Capt Brian and Miss Gina, I can't begin to tell you how much our gang enjoyed fishing with you and we're already scheming for a return visit. Staying on fish all day for 2 days was a heck of a lot of fun, but doing it with people of your caliber was close to Utopia.

Laughs came as frequently as the fish and my happy meter stayed pegged throughout the trip. Pulling the Goliath Grouper up from the depths is something that I will never forget and everyone of my sea going friends have expressed extreme jealousy. That fish visits me every night as I fall asleep calling me out for another duel and I am obligated to grant his wish.

Miss Gina's hospitality is the stuff legends are made of. We were deeply appreciative for the home cooking and the lengths both of you went through to exceed our expectations.

My company's mission statement is "Consistently Create Encore Experiences that Enrich Lives One Person at a Time" but you could easily adopt as your own. My soul is screaming for an "Encore". To put in the Captains words, GROOVY! See you soon.

Thankfully, Jake & Georgia

Offshore Deep Sea Fishing:

*FASTEST BOAT ON THE RIVER! means shorter boat rides and more fishing time. "Twin-Vee's" twin hull design is safe and comfortable with 360 degrees and over 300 sq. ft. of fishing room, giving you plenty of room to fight the big fish when it makes a run.

*Flexible fishing techniques makes the day interesting and provides a variety of fish: grouper, snapper, cobia, kingfish, amberjack, barracuda, sharks and other reef fish.

*Family Friendly! We have a mate on every trip and will put the young and the young at heart on the fish. Extra attention to the little ones give mom and dad a chance to catch the BIG ones.

*The Gulf Coast offers more fishable days because of lighter seas.

*We care! We care that you have the best day, catch lots of fish, a variety of fish, have a safe trip and make a lifetime memory.


*Pristine flats offer trout, redfish, flounder, cobia and more.

*Top water action, site-fishing and fly-fishing


Located in Steinhatchee, Florida (The Scallop Capital of the World) on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. We are your complete charter service for offshore, inshore, near shore fishing, shark fishing and scalloping.

Nice Steinhatchee Offshore Gag Grouper

Nice Steinhatchee Offshore Gag Grouper

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